Application Specific System Solutions


Wilson Systems Division has been designing and manufacturing intelligent hydraulic, pneumatic and electronics application-specific systems for more than two decades and specializes in hydrostatic test equipment and custom hydraulic power units . We service a variety of markets and customers, including energy, aerospace and more, using best in class components and motion and control products from world-class manufacturers like Parker Hannifin, and others. Explore within to learn more about our unique engineering capabilities and newly commoditized off-the-shelf systems solutions for industrial applications.

FEATURED PRODUCT:   Fully Automated Hydrostatic Tester

IntelliTest Hydrostatic Tester

  • Reduces cycle test time through intelligent automation
  • Greatly improves test accuracy and repeatability
  • Delivers higher test yields
  • PSI Rating – Up to 60,000 PSI
  • Maximizes personal resources

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Fully automated test cycle

  • Static & Dynamic test cycles
  • Reduces test cycle time
  • Eliminates inconsistency of manual testing
  • Frees up operator for other test staging tasks
  • Remote access capability and control station

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